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Seed Embedded Paper!

Love, love this idea from Porridge Papers and their sister company Plantable Seed Paper for letterpress paper. It actually has seeds embedded in it. I think it would be an awesome way to promote being green. Use this for an outdoor wedding invitation, baby announcement or even business cards. When the person has the information they need from the card the recycle it by planting it in the ground and it grows a variety of vegetables or flowers! You pick the seed mix you want!

Design Restrictions for a #10 Envelope

A client of mine asked me to design a #10 envelope for him. I’ve designed lots of things but I don’t do many envelopes and my client wanted his logo to be placed on his envelope in an unusual place turned 90 degrees counter clock wise running down the left hand side of the piece. I needed to know if the USPS would allow this. Going to the USPS website is like trying to negotiate a maze in The Shining. It’s too complicated and filled with postal jargon. I did stumble upon this page: Who knew! The post office has a person called a Mailpiece Design Analyst who analyzes mailpiece designs.

You may be thinking – sure call or email the post office and never hear from them but I was very surprised. They set me up with a ticket but then put me right through to an actual person! She even gave me her email address so I could send the design to make sure it met all the post office requirements and did not cause the envelope to have special handling or extra postage. For those of you struggling with postal regulations and making sure your design meets them, this is a great resource. Happy designing!

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Need To Put a DVD Movie on a Website?

Client Problem: Site Location Partnership needed a DVD movie converted to a format that would play on their website.

Working with Site Location Partnership, I was able to convert the file, and upload it to a media player that was then inserted into their website in just one short hour.

Here’s a link to the final product:

Dana Neal Designs has all the software necessary to convert movies into any format, even encrypted DVDs and put them in a media player that will work on anyone’s computer.

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Free Social Media Icons

I love finding great resources to make my job easier. Here is a blog that will direct you to lots of options for social media icons, medical icons, even vector social media icons, some hand-drawn icons and miscellaneous icons. Enjoy!

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