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Best WordPress themes and HTML templates

Looking for a good and affordable web development platform. Worry no more as we have bought you best possible results of your search. This post is the review of some of the best premium WordPress themes and HTML templates by Webful Creations.

Who are Webful Creations?

A powerful solution to all your technical complexities, Webful Creations is a web development agency who deals with best rated digital scripts, themes, and plugins and are surely making a mark in the world of technology through their products. Webful Creations is one of the best platforms for WordPress themes and templates. Because it doesn’t really matter that what your requirement is, as from commercial purpose to basic home essentials Webful Creations have you covered. Whether you are searching for something that suits your medical field or something that would be fitting for your pets or something related to educational purpose, Webful Creations is everywhere to guard you. Not only this but these templates have the specialty to fit in categories other than the related ones. Since they cater to the basics of life and to common people they have kept their design, layout, settings, and technical details to mere simplicity, keeping in mind that common people are common and not coders. They can’t read CSS scripts or have first-hand knowledge of web development technology. For your better understanding below is the list of some of the common features they have in almost all their products.

Basic Features in their products:

Whether it’s a WordPress theme or an HTML template some of their features remain constant and they are listed below:

  1. Design: 

    It is one thing that is most likely to catch your attention as soon as you land on any website. Which is obviously supposed to be simple yet catchy? Here, at Webful Creations, from a simple layout to technical details they have you covered in the design of their websites. Their website designs are trendy, cool, efficient, and simple.The top bar of each product comes with several options like Social icons, phone number, address, menu or anything. The header has 4 types with center logo, left logo, and right navigation and full-width navigation. The design also includes header and footer options with unlimited variations.

  2. Performance:

      A website’s performance should be analyzed on a couple of things. First one is how good Search Engine Optimization it has. SEO plays a big role in a site’s performance because it is one of the main sources of bringing potential customers to your business. Webful Creations make search engine friendly websites. So you don’t really have to worry about 100% SEO rankings of these themes and HTML templates. Loading speed of website (media, tabs, links) plays a big role in bringing potential customers. Your site needs to load fast or else no one would sit and wait for you when hundreds of hundreds of competitive websites are also there. Webful Creations themes enable you to make a fast loading WordPress website. Third important thing is the responsiveness of your website on other devices and browsers.vAs you don’t always know that where in the world you are being searched and on what device and browser. That’s why the safe way in this situation is to make your website friendly to all devices and browsers. WordPress themes at Webful Creations are responsive to all devices and browsers.

  3. Customization friendly:

    Even though Webful Creations provides you every technical element in their basic layout that can be required by any website. But if you feel any element lacking from your requirements you can easily update your website through Self-customization option. WordPress themes and HTML templates that comes under Webful Creations banner are bundled with powerful customize options in WordPress live editor. With WordPress live customization tool WordPress offers you hundreds of themes options through which you can change the color, typography, size, backgrounds and much more according to your requirements. You can also add different sections for a news update and promotions etc. Actually customize live editor options are for default settings which work for all pages unless a page has its own settings from page options.

    Other prominent features:

  • All the WordPress themes and HTML templates here are powered by Woocommerce. All you have to do is install the WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress installation. Add products, set rates set shipping method and your online store is ready to launch.
  • As we all know that the security of any website is very important to secure your all investment and time on your website. Webful Creations have themes are completely secure and threat free.
  • For business related details they have built-in About Us page, Appointment section, Contact Us page, Testimonials page, Blog page, Single Post page, FAQ page etc.
  • Their WordPress themes are ready to translate in any language as they are powered by RTL support (right to left). Default language file is located in /languages/ folder. You can use any plugin you like to translate the theme. Or just download PoEdit and make a new .mo for the translation in your language.
  • All these WordPress themes and HTML templates are super easy to install and update.
  • They provide 24/7 support to their customers.

Best Premium WordPress Themes

Below is the list of all the WordPress themes by Webful Creations with their links. So you can tour yourself around and get much detailed guidance on every theme separately along with their purchasing links.


This plumbing WordPress theme is basically to provide you quick access to experienced plumbers within the comfort of your homes.So now from broken tap at home to commercial level cleaning you won’t have to face any hassle and just by clicking here and there you can call a plumber at your required place. This theme has all the above-mentioned features.


The dentist WordPress theme is to get you in touch with the best dentist around by providing a portal where dentists can upload their profiles and you can choose accordingly. This theme does not only cater dentistry related themes but it can also be used for other medical-related purposes. It also possesses all the above-mentioned features.


Optometrist WordPress theme is basically for opticians and similar stuff but it can also be used for other medical related stuff and similarly other than optics store it can be used by other medical stores as well. This theme caters to all the whereabouts of an optician and helps you in contacting one according to your preferences easily. It also possesses all the above-mentioned features.


Education WordPress theme can be used by almost all the education-related websites because education and technology are the key success elements. It has all the basic features that are mentioned above.


This veterinary WordPress theme is specifically designed for vet-related purposes which include details about vet doctors, appointment details, their experiences, before and after pictorial guide etc. But like a previous couple of themes, it can also cater for pet shops, pet grooming websites, and other purposes related to pet care. It also possesses all the basic features that are mentioned above.

Best premium HTML templates

All the HTML templates by Webful Creations are listed below that too with their direct links (which has their purchase links as well) so you can go through every minute detail on your own. All the templates mentioned below possesses all the pre-mentioned features.

This template can help you in keeping your immediate surrounding neat and clean without you being dutiful of it all the time. This template is basically a platform for gardeners where they can put their professional skills, experience, types of equipment, and their demands for you. And you can pick one according to your requirement.


Plumber HTML template like the previous one helps you in getting in touch with plumbers where they put their profiles (experience, equipment details, and demands) and you can select them according to your requirement.


This HTML template is to help us in contacting the dentist in the best way possible. All you have to is review the listing portal where all the dentists are registered. Choose one that suits reasonably to you. Check his details (his experience, his strategies, and other details). After you are fully satisfied, fix an appointment and you’re done. No hassle of pre-visits or calls to P.A’s for an appointment.

Eye care template provides you all the information that you can need before contacting an optician (how the place looks like, their experience, their staff, past surgeries through the gallery, etc). This can cater other medical fields as well.


This HTML template can be used for any education-related website i.e., for Schools, University, College, and Learning Center Institute. Education HTML Template includes everything that an education website can need.


This template is designed especially for veterinary doctor’s and can be used by other medical related practitioners. This HTML template is a great template for clinics and even hospitals can use this template as pet care HTML template includes hundreds of modules which make this template awesome for doctors or clinics and hospitals as well.


This business template is especially for business models like aliExpress, Alibaba, Etsy, Amazon, eBay Stores. Since these businesses are types are a bit different from the local ones that’s why along with basic features they have some additional features as well. They include list page, Single Store page, Single Product page, customer dashboard, customer login, and store manager login etc.


This template is made specifically for the dentist. Even though its similar to the one we have already discussed i.e., DENTAL CLINIC – DENTIST & MEDICAL HTML TEMPLATE but it has it has its own uniqueness.

Seed Embedded Paper!

Love, love this idea from Porridge Papers and their sister company Plantable Seed Paper for letterpress paper. It actually has seeds embedded in it. I think it would be an awesome way to promote being green. Use this for an outdoor wedding invitation, baby announcement or even business cards. When the person has the information they need from the card the recycle it by planting it in the ground and it grows a variety of vegetables or flowers! You pick the seed mix you want!

Design Restrictions for a #10 Envelope

A client of mine asked me to design a #10 envelope for him. I’ve designed lots of things but I don’t do many envelopes and my client wanted his logo to be placed on his envelope in an unusual place turned 90 degrees counter clock wise running down the left hand side of the piece. I needed to know if the USPS would allow this. Going to the USPS website is like trying to negotiate a maze in The Shining. It’s too complicated and filled with postal jargon. I did stumble upon this page: Who knew! The post office has a person called a Mailpiece Design Analyst who analyzes mailpiece designs.

You may be thinking – sure call or email the post office and never hear from them but I was very surprised. They set me up with a ticket but then put me right through to an actual person! She even gave me her email address so I could send the design to make sure it met all the post office requirements and did not cause the envelope to have special handling or extra postage. For those of you struggling with postal regulations and making sure your design meets them, this is a great resource. Happy designing!

Contact Dana Neal Designs if you need expert advise on letterhead, business card or envelope design.

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New Logo Design for The Dinner Project

Dana Neal Designs recently designed a new logo for a new non-profit agency, The Dinner Project. Their mission:

“Creating a social network of friends meeting once a month to eat, think and give the price of a meal to help others in need.”

The logo was designed with 4 plates to represent the 4 co-founders and the fact that it’s for a dinner club to raise money for worthy organizations locally and around the world.

The logo is bright, simple and conveys the central theme of the organization.