graphic design – some random thoughts

As a web and graphic designer with 9 years of experience as both a freelance designer and a full and part-time employee I understand that graphic design is important for many reasons. How things look really do make a difference. Okay, maybe not in the world food shortage or clean water for Africa kind of difference but it makes a difference in our experiences. For clients and designers it’s about creativity, image, perception and sales. I think it’s important to push the envelope in design but since I’ve been a client, I was the Advertising Manager for a large corporation for several years, I understand things from a client’s point of view as well. Many designers have a real issue with having everything their way but I think this is misguided. It is much more difficult to create good design that meets the client’s needs and the designer’s creative wishes at the same time. It’s a challenge but in the end it’s well worth the effort. I’m looking forward to many more posts. My website will be up soon and I’ll be adding a link to my website and my portfolio. I love what I do and hope you do too!